Saturday, 22 May 2010

To Have and To Hold...

My prints are transitional, not just a quirky drawing here and a smatter of whit there. To be able to hold them, touch them and interact with them is very important to my design aesthetic. Although on one hand I am concious of the surface design, texture and finish, equally, if not more important is the interaction element. Products and wearable accessories that come from my prints and illustrations give people that opportunity to touch and feel what would otherwise be a metre of flat printed fabric.

And besides, you can't take a roll of fabric shopping!

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Colour my life

A little less conversation, a little more colour please...

I flit through stages of inspiration and at the moment I'm having a surge of colour moments. Inspiration hit me to continue my investigation after watching a fantastic program on the BBC about Matisse, especially his colour cut outs for JAZZ. Colour is a personal media that more than often reflects your emotional response to a subject, isolating the colour in quick colour palettes gives me families of colours I wouldn't normally choose.
So since 6th April 2010 I have been keeping a daily colour diary over at Colour Lovers , again creating quick colour stories based on a mood, dream, anything visual that stimulated my creative senses
that day. Quite self indulgent really!

 Day 33 (Cherry blossom and pavements)

Day 17 (Dirty sunshine)