Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Colour my life

A little less conversation, a little more colour please...

I flit through stages of inspiration and at the moment I'm having a surge of colour moments. Inspiration hit me to continue my investigation after watching a fantastic program on the BBC about Matisse, especially his colour cut outs for JAZZ. Colour is a personal media that more than often reflects your emotional response to a subject, isolating the colour in quick colour palettes gives me families of colours I wouldn't normally choose.
So since 6th April 2010 I have been keeping a daily colour diary over at Colour Lovers , again creating quick colour stories based on a mood, dream, anything visual that stimulated my creative senses
that day. Quite self indulgent really!

 Day 33 (Cherry blossom and pavements)

Day 17 (Dirty sunshine)

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